How Motivational Marketing Helps to Convert Your Leads to Clients [Beginner’s Guide]

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How Motivational Marketing Helps to Convert Your Leads to Clients [Beginner’s Guide]

Motivational marketing tries to induce clients’ interest in products or services provided by a company. It focuses on communicating its brand message and values to prospective customers through several media channels.

This way, it tries to influence customers’ thought processes about the brand before they make any purchase. Here are five impactful strategies that can help you convert leads into loyal customers easily.

Ways to Convert Leads into Clients through Motivational Marketing

Motivational marketing is a very efficient way to increase the customer base and retain the loyalty of existing ones. You can apply these strategies in your business marketing to see a massive boost in converting leads into clients.

Be Empathetic in Your Marketing Campaigns

A marketing strategy based on empathy is a significant way of boosting conversion rates. A survey by Markempa found that content with an empathetic tone engages readers 349% more than content without this.

In order to successfully engage an empathetic tone, you need to be concerned about the following –

  • Understand problems or issues faced by your potential customers
  • Know the way of understanding your customers
  • Learn what triggers them to buy a product or hire a service
  • Engage in conversation with them so that you can guide them
  • Provide useful, informative contents to help them

In this way, you will be able to come in close proximity with your potential clients. It can further motivate them to take services or products from you.

Provide an Effortless Solution to Customers’ Problems

Customers become more akin to taking services or products from an organization that addresses their problems properly. 87% of the people buy products from a brand that cares about their issues and expresses them.

Further, the organization should also be vocal about its problems and express how it tries to solve those. This acts psychologically and subsequently improves consumers’ impression of that organization.

So, besides bringing novelty through your products and services, you need to properly advocate for their benefits through content to the mass audience.

This solution marketing through the help of a content writing agency boosts organizations’ impressions and motivates customers. As a result, you can definitely see a quicker expansion in the market and a faster acquisition of customers.

Communicate Brand Story Through Contents

One of the significant ways to enhance your motivational marketing is by anchoring prospective customers through your business story. You need to tell them the rationale behind producing each product or service. It enables them to think that they are also a part of your business journey.

According to Oberlo, 81% of the customers think that they must have trust in the brand before purchasing from them. Brand stories help a business by increasing its trustability of the business.

Here are the best ways following which a content writing agency advocates your brand story to clients –

  • Establishing your brand personality and voice through different contents
  • Articulating values along with the mission and vision of your business.

Provide Testimonials and Reviews

Providing testimonials or reviews of your loyal customers is one of the significant strategies of motivational marketing. Further, 88% of the customers consider reviews on websites as recommendations for them. Therefore, it is effective in improving leads to customers.

All these act as social proof and thus increase the brand’s credibility. According to Growth Marketing Expert, testimonials and reviews effectively improve the conversion rate by up to 400%.

Here are some of the tricks that you can follow to boost the overall impact of testimonials –

  • Publish testimonials and reviews on your business website
  • Share these on your social media channels
  • Place average customer rating as a rich snippet on PPC ads

Therefore, you should definitely concentrate on collecting these testimonials from existing customers to convert leads into new clients.

Instil the Sense of “Fear of Missing Out” in Consumers’ Mind

FOMO or “Fear of Missing Out” influences potential customers to buy products because they fear that they could miss a great offer. It creates anxiety within them which, as a result, lead them to take the action of purchase.

For example, when customers see “Limited offer” or “2 items left” or “50% additional discount”, they tend to place their orders hurriedly.

According to Trustpulse, 60% of consumers buy products or services within 24 hours because of FOMO. Therefore, you should opt for this strategy in your motivational marketing to boost sales.

Consumer’s Buying Journey through Motivational Marketing

This section will help you understand how these motivational marketing strategies induce a psychological reaction in clients’ minds.

  • Awareness: In this first stage, they become aware of a product that can help them solve an existing problem.
  • Consideration: Being aware of the product, they start reviewing all the available information, including product descriptions, reviews and testimonials.
  • Decision: In this final stage, they become fully motivated to buy a certain product or hire a particular service from the organization.

Benefits of Motivational Marketing

Motivation is the psychological factor for buying a product or hiring a service from an organization.

1. Quickens Order Placement

It reduces the Gap between Buying Intent and Placing Orders. According to Bigcommerce, 50-90% of buying journey is fulfilled much before customers visit sales pages in websites or physical stores. What leads them to complete this extent of their buying journey are elements of motivational marketing.

2. Increases Customer Loyalty and Retention

Through this marketing, organizations communicate that they consider the problems of consumers. Further, they provide solutions accordingly. In this way, business marketers influence the loyalty of customers. Thus, increased loyalty also enhances organizations’ ability to retain customers.

3. Attract New Customers

A brand is able to create an overall positive impression in the psychology of potential customers through motivational marketing. In this way, it quickly grabs the attention of new customers.

In this way, you can easily implement these motivational marketing strategies to see a massive boost in conversion. It will help you retain existing clients and generate new ones as well. You just need to keep an eye on the needs and problems of your prospective clients. This will help you mould these strategies according to your business needs.

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