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Note: This article includes affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase, we will receive a small thank you commission at no additional cost to you. This does not impact our reviews and comparisons – we only recommend tools we have used extensively and love!

We’ve been creating, automating, and growing businesses online here at Optimise and Grow Online HQ for a while now. So to say we’ve tried, tested, and used a LOT of different platforms would not be an overstatement.

Everything from click-and-drag online course building platforms and clunky content management systems through to advanced email marketing platforms and integrated online stores…
The list is long, my friend.

So, through our years of experience, we’ve learnt EXACTLY what to look for in a platform that is going to make growing a business online EASY.

And right now, Simplero is winning at #allthethings.

What Is Simplero And Why Should You Take Notice?

In their own words:

Simplero is one simple software that allows coaches to scale their business through marketing, online courses and memberships.

But really, Simplero can be used by anyone growing a business online, not *just* coaches.

So, if you are a business owner and you:

  • Market your business
  • Create online courses
  • Offer memberships
  • Deliver subscription services

Then, Simplero as an all-in-one tool is most definitely an option you should consider.

With this system, you can easily create and manage:

  • Email lists
  • Online courses
  • Opt-in, landing, and sales pages for your online courses
  • Mini-sites
  • Membership and forum sites, including private member pages and content
  • Checkouts, payment plans and links to gateways
  • Email campaigns and automations
  • Terms and conditions pages
  • Affiliate centres for your online courses
  • A help desk for your customers

You also have a one-stop-shop for all your:

  • CRM contacts
  • Leads and prospects
  • Customer and sales data
  • Resources and media

But there’s more to Simplero than just all the inclusions. Let’s get into the 6 real reasons we’re absolutely loving Simplero!

How And Why Simplero Makes Growing A Business Online Easy

#1 No Tech Knowledge Necessary

If you’re starting or running an online business you probably have a bit of tech know-how and sass about you.

But if you don’t – or you’re fakin’ it till you make it (no judgement, we’ve all been there!) – take a big sigh of relief.

With Simplero, you don’t need to know the first thing about integrations, Zaps, or techie “back end stuff.” 

At the same time, if you use other platforms that do need to link to Simplero such as Xero/QBO, Acuity, or Bonjoro, you will find that everything just works (and nicely too).

#2 Take Creating Courses To The Next Level

When it comes to launching an online course, it can be overwhelming to think through all the must-haves and what-ifs.

So, let’s look at how Simplero makes this easier for you in two stages:

  1. The course creation side of things, then
  2. The course sign-up side of things.

Creating A Course

Once your course content is ready to go, all you need to do is use the drag and drop functionality to create your course in Simplero.

It is as simple as creating your course mini-site and then populating it with your modules and your lessons. You can also attach media files (PDFs, Word documents, videos, etc) to lessons, which automatically display nicely.

Then, with your course created you can easily add functions to simplify your launch process, such as:

  • Timed open/close of checkout (no more staying up until midnight to shutdown your sales page!)
  • Redirection to waiting list page when the cart does close
  • Course previews for non-members
  • Redirection to sign-up page from a course preview page

Another great thing?

Everything is customisable with branding and CSS available to make your sites, pages, and emails unique to your business! You can even claim your very own custom domains, if you’re interested.

Then, once you’ve created your course or membership site, it’s all about getting the functionality in place to make it easy for your leads to sign-up.

Marketing A Course

Simplero has a host of options to get sign-ups for your course and has taken the hard work away thanks to default content for:

  • Sign-up forms (a multitude of variations available)
  • Templates for longer landing pages
  • Different layouts for even longer sales pages
  • Interactive quizzes or questionnaires for lead generation

After you create the forms or pages you need, you just assign them to their related course and link them to their own list in the email management side of Simplero.

Extra Cool Functionality For Course And Memberships Sites

There are a couple of other neat tricks that are easy to implement within course and membership sites:

  • Add customers to multiple courses at the same time, easily
  • Select which video/audio to lock so that resources can’t be downloaded or copied at all or within the refund period
  • Set products to not finalise until an agreement has been signed by the customer. This is particularly awesome for consultants and coaches
  • Set up a help desk option so that your customers can easily submit questions/support tickets
  • Create membership forums for private (or public) discussions

So, with your course and sign-up pages created, it’s time to get moving on nurturing your leads and supporting your customers through emails campaigns.

#3 Done-for-you Automations Make Email Marketing A Breeze

Does your brain sometimes hurt when you work through email automations, if/then/else segmentations, and managing eleventeeen-gazillion tags?

Yeah, me too.

Fortunately, you’ll find a host of highly-functional automations already created within Simplero and default emails established so you can get started from day one!

No more setting up all those emails for “payment thank yous,” “login details,” or “payment reminders.” They’re already done for you!

You can simply choose the automation that you’d like to run and assign it to the relevant course and/or email list, and away you go.

There are also a host of personalisations available for emails, landing pages, mini-sites, and membership sites. Making it all very warm and friendly for your leads and customers.

And to finish this point on a big note: Simplero automatically checks the links in your emails to test if they’re broken or not! #winning

#4 Manage All Your Data And Content Resources In One Central Location

You might be surprised (or maybe not) by the amount of data and resources required to run an online course. Of course, you need media files, course content, and email content.

But you also need data. Data on sign-ups, on members, on payments.

Simplero has thought of all the things here and has you covered with:

  • A media library with all the space you need to house your documents, videos, images, and other media types
  • A fully integrated email marketing platform to simplify nurture sequences
  • A central data point, meaning you won’t have to gather insights from other third-party resources or plugins. And it has direct integration with Google Analytics!

Believe us when we say they’ve taken all-in-one to the next level!

#5 Accept Payments Easily

Launching an online course is exhilarating – and exhausting. But seeing those payments come through makes all the time and effort worth it, #amirite?

Simplero helps you track and monitor your income so you can see at a glance how much money you’ve made for each offering, contact, month, and quarter.

Plus, you can even include GST/VAT and offer multi-currency options!

With Simplero, you can accept payments via Stripe, Paypal, or bank transfer. AND you can select which options you offer for each individual course, product, or offering.

If you want to set up a course with different price points, you can also do this through their easy payment levels and plans for each individual course, product, or offering. You can EVEN offer secret links to special prices!

With SO MUCH on offer, what if everything gets a bit overwhelming, we hear you ask?

It’s all good. Because Simplero has that covered too…

#6 Simplero Offers Stellar Customer Support

Simplero offers a variety of plans. And some of them come with onboarding concierge hours. These hours offer awesome personalised advice on the set up of your course or membership site.

We’ve found that Simplero’s help desk support team is very quick to respond. AND super helpful with pointing us in the right direction or giving us the answer we need, right there and then.

They have a massive knowledge base filled with detailed how-to information. And a Facebook Group for support, as well.

The BEST Benefits Of Simplero For Growing A Business Online

So, by now, you can probably tell that we’re MASSIVE fans of having Simplero in our lives right now!

But guess what? We saved some of Simplero’s BEST benefits for the wrap-up.

Keep Your Entire Business Under One Roof

  • Don’t like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, or the other usual website suspects? You can literally make your website with Simplero if you choose.
  • Want to sign up affiliate to promote your course? It takes only a few clicks to create your very own program! All default emails and onboarding systems are already set up. Just set your terms, affiliate rate, and products associated. Passive income, anyone?

Save Serious $$$

We know. It’s soooo easy to end up with a bajillion service subscriptions. But Simplero helps you out here, as well.

If you currently pay for any of these services, you can save money by replacing them with Simplero. Check it out:

  • Video hosting on sites like Vimeo
  • Your email marketing provider like ActiveCampaign
  • A course platform or premium plugin
  • Affiliate plugins
  • Extra website hosting to support the data needed to host a course on your site
  • Zapier integrations to make lists and membership sites talk to each other
  • Ecommerce plugins, extensions, or hosting
  • An expensive CRM
  • Premium plugins for pop-ups or landing page builders
  • Your own or someone else’s time to gather data from everywhere to make informed decisions

When you see all the ways it can save you money, investing in Simplero makes a lot of sense. Check your figures to see if it’s worth it for you.

You Really Can Rule The World With Simplero

Simplero’s Rule The World plan is totally worth it if you’ve checked your figures and are able to migrate from lots of tools.

Or if you offer a number of different courses or products which each need their own micro-sites.

Or if you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur looking to run multiple membership sites with their own domains or brands.

Or if you’re looking to actually Rule The World ?

Try Simplero today!

Note: This post includes affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase, we will receive a small thank you commission at no additional cost to you. This does not impact our reviews and comparisons – we only recommend tools we have used extensively and love!

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