sick of all the clutter and chaos in your day-to-day business?

tired of wading through old files, tasks, templates, and contacts to find what you actually use in your online business?


the big business clean up

your roadmap to go from cluttered chaos to streamlined productivity

  • REFRESH your business from the inside out

  • Create the CLARITY and space you need to grow

  • Turn digital clutter into SIMPLIFIED systems

  • STREAMLINE all the important areas of your business

this is an action plan ideal for online business owners with:

all of which are disorganised, full of old, irrelevant files, and so not-on-brand anymore.

whip your business into shape with the big business clean up action plan, guided by daily tasks you can complete in  as little as 30 minutes a day.

(More of a Get Sh*t Done type? You can easily delegate or batch the daily actions as you see fit)

The Big Business Clean Up

A step-by-step action plan to refresh and rejuvenate your business from the inside out and FINALLY create the clarity and space you need to grow.

here’s how it works

Think about how you feel after you tidy up your home or desk…

you can think more clearly

you have the space to create new things, and

you can actually find things when you need them!

It’s just the same with your digital workspace.

Over time, your digital environment gets cluttered, and for those of us with an online business – it’s so easy to spiral out of control! Building a pile of digital clutter that can slow us down and cost us money without realising it.

But we know all too well that cleaning up a monumental mess can be overwhelming at the beginning…

Digital Business Clean Up

that’s why we created  the d.o.e.r. method

Our D.O.E.R. (Delete, Organise, Edit, Refresh) method is your step-by-step guide to easily spring clean every important area of your online business, including:

  • Inbox
  • File storage
  • Computer desktop
  • Digital clean up
  • Socials
  • Email list

  • Website
  • Project management
  • CRM
  • Software & subscriptions
  • Templates
  • Brand guidelines
  • SOPs
  • Offerings
  • To-do List

We created the D.O.E.R method for our clients embarking on software changes, operational optimisation projects, or generally preparing for the next stage of growth. Because a big clean out and clean up…

and now, you can use the exact same process with your business, no matter where you are in your business journey.

Simplero vs Kajabi Comparison

It’s no secret that teams and businesses operate more efficiently and effectively with a clean workspace – both offline and online. An organised working environment reduces confusion and costs, improves productivity and creativity.

Here at Optimise and Grow Online, one of the very first steps of our optimisation and growth projects is always the Clean Up.

Removing the clutter enables you (and your team) to achieve more with less time, money, and energy.

Which is why we’re sharing our business spring clean process, so that you have a methodical system to optimise and then grow your business.

The first clean up is always the hardest, but I promise it gets easier and more fun each time you do it. Personally, we love it! It’s like hitting the reset button and giving yourself a fresh start in your business, ready for the next stage of growth. And the clean slate always inspires new ideas and uncovers growth opportunities we couldn’t see before.

Try it for yourself and see how you feel after 30 days. 

in need of a fresh start?

start your biz clean up now


Inside the Big Business Clean Up you get 15 daily action plans, each day focusing on decluttering a different digital zone of your business.

The daily action plans are available:

  • as an easy to access online course;
  • as daily emails to your inbox, and
  • as a copy-paste list you can add to your project/task management app to delegate out the tasks.

In each daily action plan we outline the tasks for completion each day, as well as how to complete the daily tasks in 30mins/day.

The Big Business Clean Up action plans break everything down into manageable bite-size tasks so that it gets done without the overwhelm.

And, you get to keep the plans so that you can re-use and revisit whenever you need another digital decluttering session.

out of chaos, find simplicity
less is more


This action plan works effectively whether you:

  • are a solopreneur or have a team
  • want to DIY or you want to delegate
  • have an entirely online business or partially online


By working on the plan for just 30mins every day, you can complete your spring clean in 2 weeks. Or you can batch the tasks or delegate the tasks out to get the Big Business Clean Up completed in a few days.

Look, naturally it takes a little time upfront to clean up the clutter that’s built up. It may even take you a few runs through the process to truly declutter your business.

Once the digital decluttering is complete we recommend you schedule another Big Business Clean Up so that your biz stays organised and optimised for growth.

digital decluttering has never been so easy.

Whether you want to end the year on a good note, or start the new one with a fresh slate, get started with the Big Business Clean Up action plan now to make it happen.

Your refreshed, organised, and efficient business is waiting just around the corner.

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