3 Productivity Hacks to Optimise & Grow Your Business With Less Stress

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productivity hacks

Productivity hacks and efficiency finders are popular buzzwords lately as more and more business owners try to make the most of their time during a busy day.

But no matter how hard you try, you simply cannot do everything yourself when running your business. Because you can’t change that number of hours per day.

Investing in improving your business’ productivity levels not only decreases your stress but makes your business run more smoothly, therefore increasing profits.

What Are Productivity Hacks?

Productivity hacks are short, often simple, tips that help you improve your level of productivity on a day-to-day basis.

Good hacks can even make or save you money as you become more productive in both the short and long term.

These types of hacks are popular because they’re easy to suggest, but do realise – you have to make productivity a habit on a daily basis for it to work.

But if you’re ready to find extra time in your day, try these ideas.

Let’s start with my favourite productivity hack …

Productivity Hack #1. Systemise

Step 1: Kick Bad Habits

Are you stuck in the dark ages, doing things out of habit just because you’ve always done it that way? Are your processes tedious and manual?

Then perhaps this option is for you: it’s time for a systems audit and overhaul.

Start by doing your own analysis of your day-to-day processes.

  • Do you struggle to make a mashup of different tools and systems work together, Franken-style?
  • Are your business operations and management still in spreadsheets and documents with no organised order?
  • Do your day-to-day operations feel clunky and overly time-consuming?
  • Are tasks lost in the abyss because they’re scattered across post-it notes on your desk, emails in your inbox, and who-knows-where in your task management app?
  • Are you constantly overbooked because you don’t have a good grasp on your capacity?

Having a good task management system in place can save you so much time remembering, finding, and managing #allthethings.

Check out our favourite task management tools:

And if you’ve constantly got an overflowing to-do list, forever running out of time, check out Sansuma to help you manage your workload better.

You probably don’t realise just how much time you waste jumping from system to system trying to find the details for that task you need to work on. But in the long run, all that wasted time is adding up.

Step 2: Time Management

When you want to optimise your time, there is nothing better than to literally track how you’re currently spending it.

Use a time tracking app like the one built into ClickUp or perhaps Toggl or MyHours to track every minute of your day for 7 days in a row.

Then review what you tracked.

The types of work you do will quickly highlight where you’re haemorrhaging time and productivity (and likely money).

You know how when you keep a food diary, it’s horrifying to see all the little sugary snacks outlined in black and white?

In the same way, your time tracking will show you just how much time you spend on unfinished tasks that could be batched for efficiency, streamlined, or delegated out.

Which means you’re now ready to …

Step 3: Systemise

Once you’ve identified where you need to make changes, you’ll know exactly which systems and tools need updating, replacing, or ditching altogether.

Because here’s the thing – when you get your systems in order and working smoothly, productivity will follow.

Think of it this way. When you put good systems in place, you give your business a solid framework to support the productivity of your team as you grow. And introduce a little excitement and ease into your business at the same time.

And that brings us to our next hack …

Productivity Hack #2. Outsource/Delegate It

Outsourcing – this simple productivity hack can completely transform your business experience.

We all know that productivity is the key to growing your business… but doing #allthethings can be overwhelming if you don’t have someone to help you out.

Rather than being saddled with repetitive tasks, smart business owners accept their limitations and find expert service providers to take over these items.

Because what takes an expert one hour to do can easily take you many headache-filled hours to complete. Is that really the best use of your time?

The best place to start with outsourcing is here:

The reality is, the most productive people have help. Because doing everything yourself is the opposite of developing productive habits.

Plus, handing off the administrative tasks of running your business means you can focus on more important things – like growing it.

This brings us right to …

Productivity Hack #3. Create an Actual Plan

Project Management

Whether you use a project management program or an old-fashioned paper planner, tracking your projects with a timeline or calendar is required to manage the steps needed to achieve your goals.

Start by mapping out your one big goal for the year. Then starting from that big goal, what are the 3-5 key milestones to achieving that goal? Map them on your plan.

Working backwards from each milestone, list out the smaller steps required to reach the milestone. Note them on your plan.

If you’re a details person, you can go one step further and map out the granular tasks for each step.

This plan is your blueprint to reaching your goals, no matter how lofty they may seem. Seeing this plan daily will keep you focused, further increasing your daily productivity.

If you’ve got a team, or are looking to hire a team, review this plan and note the similar task groups you can hire for. You’ll be a step ahead of the game with a clear plan in place of what needs to be done.

Business Planning

Don’t forget to include time to work ON your business in your daily, weekly, and monthly plans.

As CEO of your business (even if it’s a business of one) means you need time for review, reflection, optimisation, and growth-focused implementation.

Some of our clients find that having a CEO day blocked into their calendar to put their strategy hat on helps them actually make it happen.

However, you do it, during your CEO time, check-in with your:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Operations Manager

Even if YOU are the one filling all of those positions. If this is you, just schedule 30-60 minutes with yourself for each of these things.

Whether you’re meeting with you and yourself or with other professionals, use this time to look at your business from a top-level view so you can make strategic decisions about what to do next.

And plan them out accordingly.

Your plan …

  • Keeps you on track.
  • Helps you avoid “shiny object syndrome” because you can see what you already have on the go and coming up.
  • And keeps your focus on the daily goals that move you closer to where you want to be.

Ready To Get Started?

Have we convinced you that putting good systems in place, getting some help, and creating an actual plan are what you need to grow a business you love?

We hope so. Because trying to grow a business is a lot harder without these 3 critical elements.

One thing to remember – good planning requires good data. If you’re unsure where to find this data, what it means, or how to use it to grow your business, we are here to help.

Good productivity requires good systems, planning, and management to support you. If you’re:

  • not sure what system to use
  • how to clean up a messy system, or
  • how to optimise your systems to do more for you

We’d love to work with you.

Whether you need to set up a brand new system, migrate from one system to another, or automate more of your business and marketing, our system specialists can help.

Click here to discover how we can help you optimise and systemise your business for stress-free management and easier growth.

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