27 Quotes About Leadership And Management To Inspire Success

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As a business owner you are often looked up to as a leader. Perhaps you lead a team, an organisation or the direction your business is headed. 

To be the best possible leader it is always important to continue learning, growing and allowing yourself to be inspired by other leaders.

To get you started we’ve put together 27 quotes about leadership and management to inspire success.

1. After you’ve gathered all the information you need are you brave enough to go with your gut?

act against an experts advice

2. Are you incorporating teamwork into the foundations of your biz?

good teams incorporate teamwork

3. Are you channels of communication flowing openly?

avoid unpleasant surprises

4. Are you focussing on supporting and nurturing your team?

leadership is about nurturing and enhancing

5. Be bold and let the crowd follow you!

let the crowd follow you

6. How solution focussed are you at the moment?

leaders think and talk about solutions

7. Leadership and learning are not separate to each other.

leadership and learning are indispensible

8. Are there any areas of your life or biz where your integrity could be refined?

supreme quality of leadership is integrity

9. Do you love supporting your team to become better?

unlock peoples potential

10. Leadership = supporting others to grow.

leadership is about growing others

11. Are you still open to learning?

stay open to learning

12. Don’t forget the importance of a clear and actionable plan.

planning is essential

13. People will always remember how you made them feel.

it's not about money

14. What vision are you working towards as a team!

create and articulate the vision

15. Working together = Success!

working together is success

16. Do you have an out-of-the-box idea you’re ready to act on?

innovation equals leadership

17. Be the person that adjusts the sails.

be the person that adjusts the sails

18. How is your presence being felt?

a leader is best when people barely know they exist

19. Simplicity and clarity are so crucial for so many parts of business!

great leaders simplify

20. Communication is key -always!

communication is key

21. Your presence as a leader is there to support and grow others.

create a lasting impact

22. Are you focussed on authenticity or perfection?

strive for authenticity over perfection

23. Are you being clear and sharing what you’re working towards?

state what you want to do out loud

24. Are you a leader without realising it?

if your actions inspire others you're a leader

25. Are you leading by example?

lead by example

26. Are you noticing a theme? Clear communication is crucial!

clear communication

27. Don’t forget there is always more to learn – use your team to their strengths.

making a mistake isn't the end of the world


Feeling inspired?! 

Share this with your biz buddies and inspire them too! 


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