• Kartra Settings Tracking Code

    Note: At the time of writing this in April 2020, there is no active integration for Google Analytics or GTM. This may have changed since publication. If not, the solution in this article works a treat! If you (or your client) has moved to Kartra for its all-in-one marketing and membership solution, and like me, you want to figure out […]

  • team-leading

    An email marketing list is the fabled holy grail of digital marketing, a direct line of contact between you and your ideal clients, fully owned and controlled by you, totally unreliant upon the whims of social media. We pour so much of our marketing efforts into creating a list of leads who have already expressed an interest in working with […]

  • Optimise Your Online Presence For Brand Coherency 1

    Brand Coherency: What Is It And How Do We Get It? Brand coherency is more than just having your logo and business name on every page, profile, and product. It’s about creating a real personality that comes to be associated with your brand consistently, regardless of which platform you’re on. It means brand colours, fonts, writing style, and even how […]

  • market consistently with no time

    In the modern online world, we are all encouraged to continually market our businesses. Social media, email marketing, video content and more. When you’re getting a new business off the ground, it can feel overwhelming to juggle it all at once. You may think it’s impossible to market consistently with no time. It can feel like you’re spending your time […]

  • value of your services

    When you’re exceptional at what you do, it can be difficult to show the value of your services so people pay a rate that actually reflects your worth. There is a disparity between the perception of value and value itself. What does this mean? You know that your experience, skills, expertise, and unique gifts are worth a certain amount. You’ve […]

  • analysing customer experience in online business

    When analysing the experience of your customers, it can be challenging to know where to start and what to review. Many of us grew up in a business environment that said “If you build it, they will come.” But with so many options out there and global competition, that’s no longer a viable strategy. Customers want and expect a great […]